September the Month of New Routines

Work-Life Balance

  • Focused Time – How many of us set a clock and focus solely on one piece of work without interruption? Utilising methods like Pomodoro is great for getting stuck into something you have been putting off. I like to use this technique for social media planning or blogging as I can focus entirely on my own work, and I normally do this when my son has his morning nap so there is no distraction until he wakes!
  • Boundaries and Non-negotiables – Rachelle Watson-Nyeko makes a great point that setting boundaries and knowing what your non-negotiables are is great way to achieve better work-life balance. Knowing you don’t want to work late evenings or weekends is a starting point and that when it’s time with your family, you will not be contactable for work is a boundary that cannot be crossed. Sometimes we have to challenge ourselves, by turning off the work phone or computer so we can’t do a cheeky email check. Once you set these boundaries, you realise that it’s absolutely fine too, your time is precious and you can pick up the work on your return.
  • Silence Notifications – Our phones are always with us and will notify us of the simplest things. When I’m not at work, my work phone is away in my office, but even with my personal phone, I have turned off the majority of the notifications as they are far too distracting. Since doing this, I have noticed I don’t look at my phone nearly as much and don’t spend half my time ‘doom scrolling’ on social media. I can enjoy my time and get back into my hobbies which I missed out on.
  • Get Help – I know this isn’t on the article, but if you are that busy and can’t commit to these at the moment, why not look to outsource. Hiring a VA or Social Media Manager is a perfect way to free up your time and hand over some of those tasks you just hate doing.

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