About Me

About me

Hi there, I’m Rachel. 

I have a love of completing to do lists and helping my clients achieve their goals! 

Based in Pickering North Yorkshire, just outside the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors. I am a virtual assistant with over 9 years of experience in admin/ PA roles under my belt. After following the corporate path since university, I’ve decided to jump in the deep end and offer my skills to businesses and personal clients who need that all important resource time!

With my team behind me, husband Angelo and our fur (cats), feather (Indian runner ducks) and scale (bearded dragon) kids; I run a tight ship with our personal admin. My interests outside of work include food, well anything sweet really, gardening, history, reading, holidays (when were allowed them!), and photography.

I enjoy meeting new people and learning about what makes a company flourish working from behind the scenes. This is one of my core values in my service offerings to provide high-level service and going the extra mile to support my clients. As you may have guessed, completing tasks on a to-do list is more than a hobby for me, which is why being able to take the time-consuming tasks away is part of my role to help you. 

Team B Work Values

·   Honest and open communication is key to any relationship
·   Trust comes from building respect and good working relationships 
·  Here to support you when the going gets tough
·  Humour is always required, because life is full of lemons
·  improveMent takes time and practice