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Welcome back for another round of news and updates, I hope June treated you well?

Did you find any of the programs from the last blog of use?

We seem to be flying through the year, which it could just be me or is it the enjoyment of summer. The school summer holidays are fast approaching, and I imagine a lot of you will be off with the family for a holiday or two. We will be having a break in the Peak District, an area we have not explored yet but have a list of areas we would like to see. Of course, if you have any recommendations, please do send them my way.

So, without breaking into song, let’s get down to business, 10 points if you can guess the song and movie. (Oh, I should warn you I’m a Disney fan, so that should be a big clue!)

Reflections on business

I often like to spend some time reflecting on my business and making plans for improvement. This also includes how I am doing with clients, are they happy with the service? is there something I can do to improve the work or relationship?

 Whilst it’s important to focus on the service and customer relations, I also think it’s important to reflect on myself and my own targets for working on the business. We can all be guilty of spending too much time in the business without taking a breather and looking at the bigger picture.

It can be difficult with so many hats on in a company, marketing, social media, accountant, admin, business development manager, CEO, etc etc. Each role is vital for the success of a company but can you say you are equally strong in all areas?

I know marketing is something I continue to strive to improve and learn from, whether it’s doing some videos or creating some funky pictures for Instagram. Knowing it’s an area for improvement, I try to learn and adapt for incorporating better methods into my business and also thinking about my clients who I am involved with for content creation.

Taking an hour out each week to review areas is something I started early on in my business, I’ve always been one to keep the self-learning going and improve my personal and business skills. So if it’s not something you do already, here’s a challenge for this month, move away from the computer, get yourself a cuppa and notepad. If you can sit outside for some fresh air as this is an easy mood improver, especially if there is some sunny weather.

Just remember don’t be too critical, you’re here to learn, and plan not to beat yourself up!

Celebrating the clients

For this month, I wanted to highlight some of my clients, after all I have watched them grow and supported their companies now it’s time to share the love. I have a mix of clients with various backgrounds and businesses, but I want to share a couple with you as I find them inspirational.

To begin with, let me introduce you to an amazing lady who has helped so many, and yet she still leaves me speechless with stories or giggling when telling me the plans for new projects. Enter Ann-See Yeoh, a Coach, Yoga Instructor, cat mum, and a lady with more plans for projects than I try to count. When she’s not coaching her clients, she’s gracefully moving around her yoga studio or causing chaos with her partner in crime Mr Kim. You may have come across them both in networking, or even seen Ann-See on a Les Mills video!

I have been supporting Ann-See for over two years and have learnt so much from her, but I want to share some of her success with you as good things rub off, right?

Not only does Ann-See own multiple businesses but she continues to build on the relationships and clientele that she has accumulated over the years. From an annual Yoga Huddle to business masterminds, she adapts her business strategy around her clients and core values. She continues to develop her own knowledge in order to help others, share the knowledge of the fitness industry with other teachers as we all know it can be a lonely journey.

So if you would like to know more about Ann-See’s area of work or hear her inspiring story you can reach her on:

Next up is a fairly new client who I have enjoyed getting to know and support. Let me introduce you to Bianca Colclough, who is not only the founder of This Girl Community, but an authentic business woman, an advocate for connecting people, and a super mum to young children. And to top it a fabulous lady with multiple plans that I cant count on one hand!

When I first met Bianca at a This Girl meeting, I was nervous I had come back from maternity wondering how I could network with a 6 month old baby. Bianca completely got it and reassured me its fine, there I was sitting on Zoom with a baby sling on trying to multitask with baby in tow. The connection of working mum and balancing baby was something we had in common and both had a passion for supporting people. As you can tell I was delighted when she asked for my help, as I had finally found a network group that got me as new version of myself a business owner and new mum.

Fast forward to July, and Bianca has been working relentlessly (whilst doing a master’s!) on expanding her company and driving This Girl forward with a new headquarters and some amazing opportunities for ladies to get involved in. So, if you are in Staffordshire (I’m gutted I can’t visit yet), please do join her and the team for the big opening on the 17th of July, with networking, wellness areas, co-working spaces it will be a hub for collaborative and supportive ladies to come together.

If you would like to know more about the networking, events, and the HQ launch please check out the link:

Stay tuned for future blogs to include more celebrating the clients.

VA support

The final topic I wanted to discuss which I’m sure you have heard or read from me is VA support. Without sounding pretentious, I want to highlight the benefits of having a VA to support your business.

Instead of the normal listing the benefits I want to try something different, so please do tell me if you find it helpful.

You’re a busy business owner, things are going well and ticking over nicely but you find you are putting things off as you’re too busy. Sound familiar?

Your working all hours to get all the tasks done from following up leads on networking, submitting the document to the new client, social media creation, then social media engagement, oh and then you forgot to send the zoom link for your meeting in 10. Not to mention you need a gift for the kid’s birthday party this weekend, have to find the receipts to update your expenses, prep a blog, and call all your clients with updates on their projects.

Phew, did I miss anything?

I know you’re going to say but not every day is like this, well yes you are right depending on business but what do you on those quiet days?

What if you could offload some tasks and focus on the calls, networking, and development of your company? How many of those tasks would you not be panicking over anymore as they were dealt with and were done on a regular basis. That’s the benefits and beauty of a VA on your team, we fit around your company and needs, a bit like a sidekick!

Now picture yourself with a VA on your team and the job list you have for the day, does it begin with a chilled morning before a quick catch-up on tasks with said VA. Before you move on to some networking, a couple of emails are marked for your attention, and the afternoon to do some client work before finishing at a decent time in order to see the kids. Oh, but did I mention you then don’t need to log back on after the kids are in bed as your VA has covered the emails and follow-ups from your networking and other routine tasks.

Looks pretty good right?

I shall leave you with that image of a happy not overwhelmed with business you, your welcome!

As we conclude this month’s blog, have a think and let me know if there are any subjects you would like to read about. If I don’t hear from you, have a fabulous July and I shall see you in August.

Take care


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