Welcome back Spring we missed you


Welcome to March’s blog!

I hope you had a good February, compared to January it seemed to fly by, well to me at least it did. But spring is on the horizon and hopefully some sunny days are due back with it, even with a very mild winter who doesn’t look forward to spring!

Let me tell you a bit more about my February though, it was jammed packed with meeting new and amazing people. Most days I was I finished feeling inspired and full of ideas for developing Team B; I can honestly tell you I didn’t have that in full time employment for a number of years.

So, what else did I get up to?

Well, I joined an amazing network which they have welcomed me in and accepted me as part of the gang, thank you This Girl Consultancy. Coming back to work as a first-time mum, I had so many concerns as to how I would be able to work. Like how I could network effectively with a baby and build up my connections again, but my concerns were soon squashed as no one batted an eyelid with a bouncing baby attacking the curtain next to me whilst on numerous zoom calls.

My amazing clients have also been giving me new challenges which I am always grateful for.

To all my clients keep them coming!

Latest projects include:

  • Supporting a client on the release of their podcast, please give it a listen if you’re a fitness lover
  • Setting up invites for an event in April
  • Planning social media content for a client who helps people with food intolerances.
  • Setting up new property projects and looking up contractors for each project.

Home developments

Also, exciting news my son who is now 8 months old, is on the move after weeks of wiggling and rolling around like crash bandicoot (yes, I am a gamer!). He has been standing and wanting to be on the move since Christmas, so as most parents know, I now need eyes in the back of my head. So you may see a cheeky baby popping up if we have a Zoom call!

He experienced his first trip to The Deep aquarium in Hull, which had him mesmerized by the fish and bubbles in the tanks. Having the opportunity to take him out during the week is just one of the highlights of being self-employed, as my work for clients is all completed and worked around any outings. No one missed out on anything and we had a great day out, if you have any recommendations for a family day out please let me know.

Bring out the cake!

March is also the second year of me being in business, Team B will be celebrating on the 15th March. How time flies when you’re having fun, I can’t believe it’s already been two years. I never thought I would be running my own company and sorting out other businesses admin, but here I am, and I would never go back now.

The experience I have gained from running my own company has led me to discover so much more about myself; and given me courage to go out there and succeed in building relations and taking on clients. Something I never would have dreamed of before when working the 9-5 office job. But with crappy Covid keeping us locked up for two years and feeling stuck in a job with little love, it allowed me like so many others the courage to take the jump into the unknown.

I shall wrap things up for now as I am preparing for a week full of meetings and baby juggling, least I wont be twiddling my thumbs!

I hope you have a great March and if you fancy a virtual coffee then please do get in touch.

See you soon


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