January 2023 Blog

Hello and welcome to my first blog!

For 2023 I have challenged myself to push my boundaries and create a regular blog, so what will I be focusing on for these blogs?

Well I thought I would give my insights into being a VA, becoming a parent and juggling the new job role, and any industry news I feel is a must share.

To begin with, let me introduce myself and my story of how I got here!

Rachel Barbi

Hello readers, I am Rachel and I’ve been a VA for two years this March. After being made redundant at the back end of the Covid lockdowns I struggled to find a job that would inspire me and keep me on my toes for learning. Feeling more downhearted with the available options which would of lead me to a dull employment life, I decided to look at Virtual Assistants.

Having lost my nan at the beginning of 2021 and being made redundant at the same time, I felt life was too short not to try something different. I had heard of Virtual Assistant from a previous colleague who had created her own company and after a conversation and 101 questions I began my own journey into the world of being a VA.

Anyone who knows me or works with me, understands quickly that I am a lover of organisation and research. I also am driven by the will to succeed and prove I could do this for myself, and within two weeks of research, legal set up, profiles and brand creation, website design (that was an experience!) and also starting to network I was ready to launch Team B Virtual Assistant.

Those two weeks were intense with completing tasks and starting to look at all the things you need business wise that are taken for granted in an established company. I enjoyed the challenge though and quickly worked through the list, calling in favours for areas which I can willing say is not my expertise!

To all those who helped me set up and have been watching me build my company up, I cannot say thank you enough. And to anyone looking to start along the same journey of self-employment, if you need any recommendations or have a question please ask and I will do my best to help.

But why did I choose a Virtual Assistant as job?

Well I have over 10 years of supporting teams and Directors with admin and organisation, I love a challenge and the opportunity to learn so why not in something I am good at. From sorting Tenders to win business, to completing quality audits to keep the companies 9001 accreditation, to organising stands at exhibitions, personal trips, office moves, Christmas parties, and being a project manager I have worn various hats within my employment roles.

Did I feel ready to take on the networking world and get myself clients, yes and no!

But that’s a tale for next time and I shall offer tips and thoughts as to what I have found so far.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first blog, and please do drop me a message if you want to know more.

Until next time, take care


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